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101 Mason Jar Salad Ingredients for Recipes

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101 Mason Jar Salad Ingredients for Recipes

This post is all about Mason Jar Salad and all the ingredients for recipes

Mason jar salads will have you licking your lips as they are so good!! Great for a snack, easy to prepare fir a lunch and if you’re eating light (or healthier) a perfect dinner. If you know what ingredients you want to use, it can save you money making mason jar salads for the week and popping them in the refrigerator.

Here are the reasons I love this idea:

  • Fast prep and ready to eat: Once your jars are set in the fridge, you grab and go. If I am making healthy choices, I can quickly prepare and make several portions for the week ahead.
  • My wallet thanks me: You save money buying for a week’s worth of salad and it tastes like you are at a restaurant.
  • It’s good for you: My mason jar salad choices are healthy and cater to me.
  • The earth likes it better: With minimal waste, I find that after a meal, I toss the jar (carefully) in the dishwasher and use it again later. No waste from those plastic salad containers.

My list of possible salad ingredient for your mason jars are all about composing what you love to eat. Chilies might be too hot for you, but sesame seeds are a perfect addition to your tastes. You can’t be too surprised to know that the reason mason jar salads are so popular is they can be individualized to cater to anyone.

Mason Jar Salad Questions:

Why Should I Make Mason Jar Salads Recipes?

Mason Jar Salad recipes combine good food with a portion-control amount of food. This helps you take control of your health and focus on quality food. You will save money and time eating Mason Jar Salads.

What if You Don't Like An Ingredient In Your Mason Jar Salads?

The best thing about Mason Jar Salads is that you don't need to cater to any particular foods. If you don't like a particular type of food or it doesn't fit into your diet, you can simply omit the ingredient.

How Do You Layer a Mason Jar Salad?

Rule of thumb, when it comes to layering is dressings at the bottom, followed by ingredients that might hold more liquid than others (tomatoes, radishes, etc.) and then your greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, etc.) The top should be any croutons or nuts. This will keep your vegetables from getting soggy and crushed by the weight of the liquids.

What Size Mason Jars Are Used For Salad Recipes?

A lot of people ask me what size mason jar should I use when making salads. The typical salad is found in a 16 ounce or 32 ounce mason jar. Again, looking at how this caters to you and your lifestyle, even if you made too much salad (perhaps you used the bigger jar) you can always put the remainder back in the jar and eat it at a different time. It’s so easy!

Here are 101 mason jar salad ingredients to try in your next recipe:

101 Mason Jar Salad Ingredients for Recipes

If you are loving Mason Jar salad recipes, you might be thinking about making your own version of a salad. The number one question about Mason Jar Salad recipes I am asked is if there is a list of ingredients to review. It's a good question! There are thousands of salad recipes, but no lists of ingredients where you could explore what combinations might sound good to you!

Take a peek at this fun list of mason jar salad ingredients to get started on your own creations!

One Mason Jar Story You need to Hear...

I always love sharing my mason jar salad story when I was working at the office. I worked a day-to-day secretary job and found that I was packing on the pounds. So I started bringing in mason jar salads. Which, shouldn’t have been a big issue, but the coworkers were jealous as the salads look amazing. (I made them, what can I tell you…LOL)

Anyway, one day I opened the fridge and all I had left for a lunch was an empty jar.

Someone ate my mason jar salad. It was marked with my name. Left in the door, it was out of the way of the bagged lunches.

I was really upset but said nothing. The fridge was out of my sightline. I was clueless on who was taking the salad and dropping off my jar.

The following day, I brought in lunch again. Again it was stolen. All that was left in the fridge was the jar. They didn’t even rinse it out…there was dressing on the sides still. Absolutely fuming by this point.

I had enough of this. I was bringing in another salad and I was going to have an alarm system on this one.

So the next day I brought in another mason jar salad, except this one I put food color on the outside of the ring. If you grabbed the jar it wouldn’t transfer, but start to unscrew the lid and you’d be covered in red food coloring.

Again at noon I headed to the ice box. The jar was half full and there was red food dye all over the top. Apparently the culprit was covered in it as it was messy.

That was when I took off and started looking at my coworkers hands. Lo and behold, I found the thief. It was my supervisor. I never said anything. I just stared at his hands. And from that day forward, nobody touched my mason jar salads again!

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