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11 Yummy Beef Mason Jar Salad Recipes

We have some of the easiest and best Beef Mason Jar Salad recipes that you can make for meal prep meals, a quick snack or dinner in a jar. These are some yummy, simple recipes.

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Beef: It’s in the Mason Jar Salad for Dinner

Remember that funny commercial with the sales lady asking where is the beef? Well, no need to worry about missing the beef on these mason jar recipes as it’s front and center. When it comes to adding protein to your salad, many people directly consider turkey or chicken but beef is a great idea too.

Beef mason jar salads are all about main course salad dinners. While you might have a small amount on a side (or lunch) salad most of the recipes you find here offer a main entrée approach to beef, which isn’t surprising but can be adjusted as you see fit.

So what type of beef is good on salad? Typically, everything. More importantly, consider what you like and what the actual recipes offer.

For the most part steak seems prominent. If you are considering tacos or a deconstruction salad, then you might use ground beef. Our favorite beef mason jar salad is the Philly cheesesteak salad which has, of course, thin strips of beef and it’s amazing.

Balance Your Salad with Beef

While everyone’s taste preferences are different, We've noticed that some of the recipes around beef tend to be heavy with the meat. You might find it overwhelming the salads on some aspects.

This is why, when you put the recipes together we encourage you to consider how much meat you like in your salad before beginning. It’s definitely a bummer if your salad turns into a main course steak extravaganza with greenies on the side!

Some of the benefits of Beef Mason Jar Salads are:

  • Perfect for a hearty meal or a lighter side salad
  • Delicious! Taste buds enjoy anything that’s yummy!
  • Easy on the budget: Beef is reasonably priced, especially ground beef
  • You can control the amount on the salad: Not too much or too little
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here are some yummy beef mason jar salad recipes to try:

11 Yummy Beef Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Beef? It's what's for dinner! The Beef mason Jar recipe collection is a look at the idea of using this protein in your everyday salads. Depending on your diet and how you choose to eat, some if not an occasional beef dish might be right for you.

Using beef in mason jar salads is a perfect way to spice up a dish, offer the added protein and share a different texture in your meal. While the different cuts of meat can be used (or if you prefer, simply using ground beef) the opportunities are endless.

In conclusion:

Beef can offer a perfect balance to the everyday mason jar salad. I always encourage the kids to give it a try (my oldest says it’s “weird” but she still eats it all). If you are looking for more ingredients to offer in your mason jar salad, consider checking out our 45 different ingredients guide. It’s perfect for anyone looking to put a twist on their (beef) salads!

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