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12 Amazing Mason Jar Pasta Salad Recipes

Start off the New Year right- or the new diet right, with these amazing Mason Jar Pasta Salad Recipes. You didn't even know you needed this many pasta salad recipes in your life. They're not just for potluck dishes any more.

Mason Jar Pasta Salads? OMG! Delicious!

Call it pasta. Call it noodles. Whatever you call it, when it comes to mason jar pasta salads, we are all in. This unique type of salad is, technically, not a traditional mason jar salad, but that’s okay as it’s a great chance to try something new.

When you think of mason jar salads, you might be thinking that the leafy greens are the base. Which is reasonable!

When thinking of a mason jar pasta salad, the noodles or pasta is the base, and greens can definitely be added (and this is something we absolutely encourage) but not as much.

Also, pasta salad comes in as many varieties as there are pasta. So from elbow to shell to bowties, the pasta options are endless.

What To Put In Pasta Salad

If you haven't figured it out, we take what we put in our pasta salads very seriously. Choosing the right ingredients is key to making the perfect pasta salad in a jar.

Pasta definitely is harder to pair together when it comes to mason jar salads. Typically, you are looking at flavors that mix well and then, if, you use a dressing something that doesn’t drench the combination.

The flavors for these mason jar salads are very important and picking out 12 amazing recipes that include pasta is harder than just surfing online. The components need to be perfect for a balanced meal and that is something that we took pride in when creating this amazing recipe round up for you.

What Kind Of Pasta To Use?

Not All Pasta is Equal: What about Vegetable Pasta?

If you’re still not on board with pasta, don’t turn away yet. Some of the best pasta is made from vegetables.

Like zucchini spaghetti or squash tortellini’s. It’s not traditional pasta, but it’s delicious and fits perfectly into the mason jar salad concept. Explore the ideas to make your salads fit your lifestyle!

Think "zoodles", you can buy them frozen, precut at the store or you can use a zoodle maker and make your own zucchini noodles. This gadget works for various other vegetables too, so you can really create endless pasta options.

Check out this vegetable spiralizer, it's very similar to the one that we use.

Some Of The Benefits Of Pasta Mason Jar Salads Are:

  • Pasta can be delicious when used with proper ingredients.
  • It’s different! Toss it up a little
  • Easy on the budget: Noodles are inexpensive.
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here are 12 Mason Jar Pasta Salad Recipes to try:

12 Amazing Mason Jar Pasta Salad Recipes

Pasta people! The pasta mason jar salad recipes offer a mainstay of noodles for these recipes. Of course, there are some delightful greens and vegetables, but making the focus of the recipe a noodle is a different flair for the traditional salad. And we love it! Check out these amazing recipes!

In conclusion:

Pasta salad isn’t your average salad. And it’s not a light lunch either. It does work nicely for a family dinner or a hearty lunch. It’s a great choice for an alternative meal with the leafy greens get, well, too predictable.

One of our favorite pasta salad recipes is the Asian Noodle salad. It’s got a good balance of vegetables and noodles leaving me full but not too heavy.

If you’re looking beyond the noodle for more ideas on ingredients, take a look at our mason jar ingredient idea list for new options to include in your salads. There are many flavors out there! Go enjoy them!

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