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12 Mason Jar Turkey Salad Recipes to Gobble Up

Looking for some easy Mason Jar Turkey Salad recipes? These are perfect for using up turkey, getting more protein in and just having an easy meal prepped and ready to go.

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Turkey Mason Jar Salads Are Perfect For

Turkey in Mason Jar salads? You might be wondering if that’s really a thing. Oh yeah! This is a versatile ingredient that offers protein as well as texture in salads.

Sometimes, we overlook the most simplest of ideas because we’ve not be readily introduced to them, turkey included!

In a more traditional sense, we have turkey more often around the holidays. Perhaps it is the leftovers.

Or maybe it’s because we connect it to thoughts of our home.

Nonetheless, turkey – be it leftovers from Thanksgiving or a pound from the deli – is a great way to infuse some flavor into your salads.

How Should You Prepare Your Turkey?

Honestly, we find leftovers to be the best way to have turkey in my salads. If we go out and intentionally purchase the meat, we consider what I will be using it in.

The salads that offer more of a light taste we typically lean toward grilled or baked pieces. However, if we are looking to spice it up, we grab a pound of frozen breaded turkey from the freezer.

That is perfect for heavier salads that would be full meals.

Does Turkey Need To Be Cooked?

Yes, to use turkey in mason jar salads, you need to cook it.

Whatever your choice of cooking, the turkey needs to be thoroughly cooked before putting it into the jar. All pieces should be checked to make sure it’s ready to eat and not raw.

When using turkey, keep in mind your freshness dates on the salads.

The lid needs to be tight and you need to make sure you eat the salad in a timely manner. Never use raw turkey in a mason jar salad as that could make you very ill.

Some Of The Benefits Of Turkey Mason Jar Salads Are:

  • Turkey is simple to make. You choose the cut and seasoning.
  • Delicious! Preparing your bird is to your liking.
  • Easy on the budget: Turkey is relatively inexpensive.
  • Turkey is a low calorie protein adaptable to most diets.
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here are 12 Mason Jar Turkey Salad Recipes to try:

12 Mason Jar Turkey Salad Recipes to Gobble Up

Turkey is a delightful addition to any mason jar salad. It could be you have extra turkey after your Thanksgiving dinner.

Or maybe you are making a lifestyle choice including turkey in your meals. No matter your reasoning for wanting turkey in your diet, the following recipes will have your mouth water.

A spin on traditional ingredients, the addition of turkey is a great source of additional protein and texture in your salad.

In Conclusion:

Turkey Mason Jar Salads seem more in season around Thanksgiving, but don’t just limit yourself to once a year. You can create some amazing tastes using turkey as a primary ingredient (when the salad is a main course) or less (when you are having a light lunch) My favorite recipe for turkey salads is the Greek Turkey Feta Salad as it’s got a lot of flavor and it’s good for you too.

If you are looking for more ingredients for your mason jar salad, check out our list. One more ingredient just might make your salad pop!

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