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13 Scrumptious Mason Jar Chicken Salad Recipes

Chicken Mason Jar Salads are such a hit! Mason jar recipes with chicken are a crowd pleaser (even if that crowed is of one and you are on your lunch break.)

You’d be surprised how many people have told us that they didn’t know you could put a protein – like chicken – in a mason jar salad for flavor. Not only can you do that, it’s going to have the kids interested in what’s cooking too!

Chicken is Perfect for Salads

What type of chicken are we talking? If you are looking for something simple, We have our to-go chicken tip to share. We like to pick up a rotisserie chicken from the deli and shred it.

If we have more time we will make it ourselves. If we are barbecuing, we always throw a few extra pieces on for the future salads.

Each way it is cooked offers a different flavor. It adds to the mason jar salad and it gives a reason to keep eating!

As always, make sure you only use cooked chicken, whatever your source. Do not put raw chicken in salads and confirm it has been thoroughly cooked so you don’t get sick.

Our rule of thumb is when in doubt, toss it.

Additionally, chicken is a nice benefit if you are looking for a way to have more protein on a diet or a lean lifestyle. It’s really quite a great addition to any salad.

Some of the benefits of Chicken Mason Jar Salads are:

  • Readily available as you can buy it almost everywhere.
  • Delicious way to compliment a vegetable salad
  • Easy on the budget: One of the most inexpensive meats you can buy.
  • You can control the chicken: Use a little for a small salad. Or a lot for a main dinner
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here are some delicious mason jar chicken salad recipes to try:

13 Scrumptious Mason Jar Chicken Salad Recipes

Yum! Mason jar chicken salads will have you licking your lips. Easy to prepare and a perfect protein, this collection of recipes might have you thinking about chicken way past meal time. One thing we love about using chicken is that it can be prepared in different ways to offer different tastes and textures. So you aren't stuck with just one flavor from this ingredient.

Chicken mason jar salads are a crowd pleaser too. It doesn't matter if you are feeding the kids, guests or neighbors, it's a perfect way to introduce the mason jar way of life.

In conclusion:

Hold up!! Have you thought about having a chicken salad picnic using mason jars? It’s a great way to move prepared food and still enjoy the time you spend with others on an outing. If you’re thinking of a day out, check out the Barbecue Chicken mason jar salad as it’s perfect! Looking for other mason jar salad ingredients? Check out our big list of ingredient ideas here.

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