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13 Superb Spinach Mason Jar Salad Recipes

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Spinach: The Other Leafy Green Mason Jar Salad Fixing

Spinach or spinach where art thou? Remember the first time you were introduced to mason jar salads? For most of us, it was a delicious lettuce based salad that gave us delight. As we explored more of the different ingredients we quickly found out that spinach was also another green base for a salad. If you ask me, spinach might not get the spotlight as often as it deserves.

The nutrient level of spinach is overall bigger than lettuce, plus the flavor seems to lean more towards chicken and other proteins. Yet, lettuce has always overpowered this salad ingredient. Well, not here and not now. We are raising our spinach flag and sharing our love for this vegetable.

The cool thing about spinach is not only does it taste good, there is minimal effort in preparations. Unless you like mini bites, the individual leaf is the perfect size for a mouthful. That ease makes spinach my go to greens when I am in a hurry.

As previously mentioned, I enjoy a protein with spinach more than lettuce. Fancy seafood like shrimp and salmon (OK, fancy to me) are perfect with this vegetable. The salads also lean towards any type of dressing – oil or creamy. Leaving me no reason not to grab spinach anytime I can.

Some of the benefits of Spinach Mason Jar Salads are:

  • It’s different and can offer entirely unique flavors
  • Delicious! It’s not bitter like kale or plain like lettuce
  • Easy on the budget: Spinach can be purchased reasonably in a bag
  • Packs fast! You can squish spinach in every bottle.
  • You can eat it easy with the bite sized leaves.
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here are 13 Superb spinach mason jar salad recipes to try:

13 Superb Spinach Mason Jar Salad Recipes

When it comes to mason jar salads, it's not required that you make it with lettuce. In fact, some of the most amazing salads can be created with spinach as the base green vegetable. And your taste buds will agree that the flavors are worth the effort as the taste is so good.

Another great reason to bring on the spinach is the nutritional value found in spinach. This raw vegetable is full of vitamins and minerals. Sorry lettuce, you aren't the only great green ingredient in mason jar salads.

In conclusion:

If you are nervous about dipping your toe into the spinach pool, may I suggest one of my favorite spinach mason jar salads: Spinach and Turkey.

If you’re looking to further explore ingredients in your mason jar salad, check out our mega list of mason jar ingredients here. We’ve got some great ideas to entice your salad!

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