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15 Kale Mason Jar Salads to Enjoy

Everyone seems to love Kale when talking about healthy salads to enjoy. So find out why we think these are some of the best Kale Mason Jar Salads to give a spin.

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Kale Salads Provide Nutrients

Mason jar recipes that use kale are not uncommon. There is a misunderstanding that a mason jar salad is only found with a green better known as lettuce. That is farthest from the truth. In fact, kale (and his pal spinach) are perfect for different salad fixings. Using kale as the salad base, you bring in more vitamins and a different taste. Goodness, I’m getting hungry thinking about it!

So why raw kale? You might be thinking, it’s too bitter. Or maybe too tough to cut down, compared to lettuce, for a manageable salad. Well, the smaller the pieces, combined with the other ingredients, the less bitter the bite. In fact, if you eat kale on a regular basis, you know that balance of the vegetable, with other vegetables, is the key to a perfect range of flavors.

Only Raw Kale? Or Cooked too?

These recipes primarily highlight raw kale, but there are many that offer a delightful bite of cooked kale too. Perhaps not in a mason jar salad, but it’s important to say, kale can compete with lettuce and do a fabulous job filling you up.

I’ve come to believe, as I’ve gotten older, the more vegetables I eat, the better my body has become. Since soda didn’t grow on a vine, I dropped it years ago and added kale (and radishes) to better my health.

Some of the benefits of Mason Jar Kale Salads are:

  • Kale keeps longer than lettuce and other greens.
  • Delicious recipes makes salads lovely!
  • Easy on the budget: Buying kale isn’t that much more than lettuce
  • You can control the kale: You might decide not to use as much (or more) as you decide.
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here are the best mason jar kale salad recipes to try:

15 Kale Mason Jar Salads to Enjoy

Kale might not be the traditional green leafy found in mason jar salads, but that's no reason not to try it. Full of nutrients and vitamins, the kale idea of a salad is perfect for a healthy diet. And it's delicious when you have the perfect recipes.

When you are chopping up kale for your salads and to place in the jars. Remember, smaller pieces are better. Typically, I try to keep the size to be around 2 inches square. Of course, you need to eyeball it, but remember the folds in the vegetable sometimes makes it much bigger than first reviewed. Smaller pieces make it easier to combine the ingredients as well! It will offer a balance and nothing will be hidden in the folds of the leafs

In conclusion:

Have we convinced you to try Kale salads yet? With the convenience of a perfect size mason jar and great ingredients, you might be surprised at the results. If you’re still on the fence, take a peek at our other list of mason jar ingredients here. Or take a leap of faith and try my favorite kale salad, the No Guilt Kale Mason Jar Salad.

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