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15 Mason Jar Just Add Water Recipes

The Mason Jar recipes where you need to Just Add Water post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Best Mason Jar Just Add Water Recipes

This post is all about the best mason jar just add water recipes.

There is something cool about mason jar recipes. Especially those recipes where all you need to do is to just add water. They aren’t like salads and the simplicity to add water (preferably hot water) is perfect for the busy mom or professional. I found this idea of just add water to be easier in some ways. You don’t find yourself worried about one more ingredient as you grab a jar to work. Instead you pour water. And eat.

Could it be any easier?

Some of the benefits of recipes where you just add water to a mason jar:

  • Water. No matter what your day entails, it’s possible to find water to complete the recipes.
  • Wallet pleasing. You don’t need to pay for those quick, but tasteless foods found at the convenience store that’s expensive. Instead it’s already made for pennies on the dollar.
  • Healthy to eat. Knowing what you are going to eat is important. Pack the jars yourself and every ingredient can be the freshest!
  • The earth thanks you. Mason jar recipes are the best way to contribute to a smaller impact on earth. Once you finish your meal, put the jar in the dishwater for reuse.

Mason jar recipes are the perfect grab and go lunches. They are great to meal prep throughout the week because they are so easy and quick to make. When putting together the jars that just add water as the last ingredient, you might be thinking about breakfast, lunch, dinner or just soup. Depending on how your week fills out and what ingredients are readily available.

Here are the best mason jar recipes to try:

15 Mason Jar Just Add Water Recipes

Just add water? Is it really that simple? Yep, this list of delightful mason jar recipes all you do is just add water and devour. Don't take our word for it. Instead take a spin at these glorious detailed recipes and get started planning the rest of your day!

In Conclusion

When you are looking for Mason jar recipes where you need to just add water, consider this list. You might be surprised how many different ways you can quickly make dinner with only a few quick adjustments.

If you like this list and want to add a salad (or check out any number of our lists) check out our new ways to make food in mason jars.

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