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18 Homemade Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning Recipes

The Homemade Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning Recipes post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

This post is all about Homemade Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning Recipes

Looking for the perfect gift while sharing you and your life? If you are looking for something simple while believing it must be useful Homemade Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning is the perfect DIY gift.

The recipes offered in this post are recipes that could be used for your family, your friends or yourself (you need to eat good food too.)

One thing the kids complain about (or at least they used to) is bland food.

They disliked the simple ways of living and I completely blame their friends for this aspect. They’d go over for dinner and come back raving about food.

Our kids are picky, so when you talk about flavors, they have adult tastes while hiding in their little bodies. We admit to being a little jealous. Who wouldn’t?

We'd hear about the best food on the planet as they made faces eating our meals. When we started looking into Homemade Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning Recipes we realized we didn’t need to spend a fortune to have delicious meals.

Homemade Mason Jar Gifts

The other thing that happened after spicing up my meals and seasoning my meats? Our kid’s friends quickly made plans to have dinner at our house.

At first, we thought it was a joke, until one of the mother’s called looking for the spice recipe. No joke. She was getting the comparison treatment now.

That’s why we gifted everyone mason jar spice blends gifts over the Christmas holiday. For those who may not love the spices, we made them Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar and they LOVED it.

It’s not only delicious, it’s a way ALL the kids will be happy. And we’ve heard no complaints so far! As you scroll through the list, you will see for the most part, each spice recipe is very unique.

You need a catch-all mixture for everyday eating, but others offer some real value when you make certain types of food.

Mason jar spice blends and seasoning is also perfect for visiting guests. Do they prefer more spice?

Well, a quick shake and they have it. A personal taste level for everyone without the worry of bland food.

Our favorite is the Lemon spice blend as it's light and good on darn near everything.

Benefits of Mason Jar spice blends and seasoning recipes:

  • Spices last a very long time. You can make a batch and it will be used for several months (or a year)/
  • Can be adjusted to taste. Like the seasoning? Add more! Don’t think it’s the best? Simply pass.
  • Easy recipes: Fast and simple to put together. Then adjust to your desires appropriately.
  • Easy on the wallet: High flavor. Low costs as you don’t pay for the name brand labels.
  • Keeps Fresh: you can simply put the jar, sealed in the pantry for future use!

Bring out the Ingredients

As you scroll through the mason jar recipes, consider the ingredients and what would work for your pantry pairing. As you check out the different blends, consider how often you might use it and what it would fit into for food you have made in the past week, the past month and even the past year.

Here are the best homemade mason jar Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning Recipes to try:

18 Homemade Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning Recipes

Homemade spice blends and seasoning mixes are great to have in the pantry. It's also the perfect homemade mason jar gift. it's hard to find the perfect spice blend or seasoning. We have individual tastes and desires, which makes it almost impossible to find that right seasoning (if you have found one, I'm super jealous!) this fun list is all about what you can put together for seasoning options and perfect blends.

We have four jars of season in the pantry. One for steaks, one for season, a catch-all season and then a special rub for BBQ or roasted meals. Over the years the family has complained about the lack of flavor so the special seasonings helped. Then, when we had guests over, people started asking about the blends. Yes, the food did taste good! So I started packing up the season and offering it as gifts. Not only was it well received, the compliments kept pouring in! I started my spice blends and season recipes by trying different recipes and adjusting to my tastes accordingly. It's easy enough to do and you can too

In conclusion:

Homemade Mason Jar Spice Blends and Seasoning Recipes are perfect for use in all your food. With a handy mason jar, you can keep the mixture tight in the container and use it often without the worry of moisture.

If you find that you need more amazing Mason Jar recipes, check out our Mason jar meals as well as our other lists. So many tasty foods can be made in mason jars.

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