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26 Tasty Mason Jar Keto Recipes

The 26 Mason Jar Keto Recipes post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

This post is all about the best mason jar Keto recipes. Using jars is a perfect way to control your portions and stick to a solid routine, without any lingering worries of cheating, as meal prep makes your lunch as simple as opening the fridge and grabbing your food.

You have come to the right place for the perfect grab and go lunches, simple deserts and over the moon, delicious dinners. They are great as the meal prep is one time and your results are offer to you throughout the week as the mason jars sit in the fridge, ready for consumption. Talk about easy! Plus, as you notice with the recipes, these meals are quick to make.

Some of the reasons I love using mason jars for Keto recipes are:

  • Fast: You can make the recipe batches in bulk quickly and use as needed.
  • Cash saver: Eating what you want, you can save money every day without running to the convenience store.
  • Good Health: Mason jar Keto recipes are what you control. So you eat healthy
  • No Mess, No Stress: After your meal, toss the jar (gently) in the dishwasher.
  • Friendly to the Earth: Reduce, reuse and recycle! The earth thanks you for keeping a watchful eye on your end.

If you are storing Mason jar Keto recipes like salads in the refrigerator, because it can be sealed individually, it will  stay fresh for up to four or five days. This allows you to plan accordingly as you don’t have to worry about the individual meals going bad. Colder items, like ice cream (this is my favorite recipe) can also be stored easily in the freezer.  

How Big Should the Mason Jars Be?

So what type of mason jar should you use for your Keto recipes? You might want to assess where you are within your meal plan. A typical size mason jar (16 ounces) might be perfect for your salad recipes and even your soup recipes. However, we’d recommend going smaller for most portions with the 8-ounce mason jars for individual use. For a family, you might want to go bigger, with a 32-ounce mason jar.

Here are the tasty mason jar Keto recipes to try:

26 Mason Jar Keto Friendly Recipes

If you are on a Keto Diet, one of your best friends could be a Mason Jar. The perfect container is amazing to help decide portions and even allow you to easily plan your meals. The best part is you could quickly grab a jar from the fridge, know your food is fresh and have a delicious meal without even a worry. The process of using jars, compared to plastic containers or bags is easy plus it's very environmentally friendly as the waste is minimal.

In conclusion

The idea of a Keto diet might be perfect for your. As we wish you well on your path, please remember to treat yourself with kindness on your journey. You might find that mason jar portions are perfect beyond your current pathway and we'd love to tell you more. Our site offers a look at all different types of mason jar recipes, including our favorite, 101 Mason Jar Salad ingredients! Who says you can't have a scrumptious salad with everything healthy on it!

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