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27 Mason Jar Omelets Ingredients for a Perfect Breakfast

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If you are looking for the best eggs in the morning, consider cracking two eggs and indulging in a morning omelet. Or do you call them omelets? Not only are they easy to make, you will have the perfect light and fluffy breakfast without all the hassle.

Concerned the Mason Jar Omelets Ingredients would sink to the bottom? Me too! What I realized is that you assume the ingredients will settle, but with the proper cooking, it doesn’t have to happen. In fact, the only time I’ve had a problem with bottom side heavy eggs is when I didn’t pay attention.

Mason Jar Omelet? Yummy!

Mason jar omelets are the perfect for the morning breakfast or even a late-night snack. You put together the ingredients prior to meal time and add the eggs before cooking. Or make them on the fly – adding the ingredients you find yourself craving.

Some of the benefits of mason jar omelets:

  • Eggs + Ingredients: Simple easy without worry about too many ingredients.
  • Breakfast Inexpensively: It’s not expensive to make eggs this way and they taste good too
  • Fast Clean up: Put the jars in the dishwasher. Cleaning done.
  • Mother Earth thanks you! Recycling and reusing is the foundation of being a steward of the environment.

Mason jar omelets are easy to make and prepare. If you are thinking of putting the ingredients combined, into a jar, you should be able to use for four or five days. Make sure to seal tight and place in the refrigerator. When it comes to the eggs, crack them upon use. Don’t make the entire omelet until you are ready to eat it. Eggs are finicky, and you should always crack and use.

More Egg Info for the Perfect Breakfast:

What Type of Mason Jars Should I use for Breakfast Eggs or Omelets?

For Mason jar omelets I recommend the smaller jars. The 8-ounce jars are perfect. The 16-ounce mason jars are also find. The bigger jars are just too big. If you are serving littler kids, you probably will need to remove the omelet to make it easy for them to eat. At the house, we love the raisins in our eggs (yeah, it sounds a little sweet for breakfast, but there is nothing wrong with a healthy burst of kid loving flavor.)

How do I Avoid Getting Eggs Stuck in the Mason Jars?

To avoid your eggs getting stuck in the jars, before you add the ingredients, use nonstick cooking spray to coat the inside of the jar.

Do I Use the Top of the Mason Jar in the Microwave to Cook Eggs?

When cooking the eggs in the micro, do not use the top. Instead use a paper towel to cover the hole and set it for 2 minutes cooking time. Keep an eye to make sure your eggs aren’t dry as microwave temperatures vary.

How to I Make the Eggs Consistent?

When cooking the eggs, at the halfway mark, stop the process, put the top on the jar and shake the jar (carefully it will be hot – use oven mitts) this will break up the ingredients on the bottom and make the omelet come to life. Then take off the top and complete the cooking process.

Here are the 27 Mason Jar Omelets Ingredients you should try:

27 Mason Jar Omelets Ingredients for a Perfect Breakfast

Thinking you are wanting the perfect mason jar breakfast? What about Mason Jar Omelets? The variety of ingredients can cater to your taste buds and offer an absolutely delightful breakfast. These quick to serve meals don't necessarily need to be for breakfast. They are perfect for late-night snacks, dieting meals or just when you don't have the time to make an elaborate feast.

Not sure exactly what ingredients would be best? Here is our list of 27 Mason Jar Omelets Ingredients to try! Combine them, make them individually or enjoy a more traditional egg omelet that you know.

In Conclusion

Mason jar omelets are one of those easy to use ideas that only take a few minutes. If you are over heating up eggs on the stove for a big mess and time consumption process, check out this resourceful idea of having eggs in your mason jar. The kids will love them too!

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