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28 Mason Jar Meal Recipes That Aren't Salads

Mason jar meals are the perfect way to keep your lunchtime meals interesting! Whether you're looking for a twist on an old favorite or something completely new and unique, there are endless ideas for both sweet and savory recipes that can be made in mason jars. From breakfast smoothies to noodles and beyond, there's lots of variety when it comes to what you can make in a mason jar.

Mason jar meals are also great for taking food on the go - no need to fuss with Tupperware containers. Plus, many recipes are vegan-friendly or gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy tasty meal options. With just a few ingredients and some basic kitchen tools, you'll be ready to get creative with your lunchtime mason jar meals!

Mason Jar Meal Recipes that Aren’t Salads

This post is all about the best mason jar meal recipes.

Everyone loves a good mason jar salad. Myself included! Sometimes we want to add a little less lettuce (or kale) to the jar to make more of meal. Not every time of course, but sometimes.

This list is all about mason jar meal recipes….that aren’t salad.

A disclaimer I got to put here. I love salad. It’s awesome. Got jars full of lunches for the week and it’s all salad. That’s good for me, but the kids sometimes don’t appreciate it. So we mix it up! And it feels good to have the options.

The mason jar meal recipes are perfect for portions when it comes to your family. Everyone gets their own jar. If friends or family come over. They get a jar too. No squawking and no picking off of each other’s plate (it’s a problem at our house.

Some of the benefits of mason jar meal recipes are:

  • Fast and efficient: The family will love the food and you will have time for life since many of these are great for meal prep.
  • Budget friendly: Your wallet could be thanking you as you’re more precise on the ingredients and have less waste.
  • Eat smart: Mason jar meals are a better choice than Burger King. Plus, you can make sure your family is being fed right, with hearty vegetables and other sturdy ingredients.
  • Earth First: You save resources as there is no tossing away containers. Put the jar in the dishwasher and move on with your day.
  • Fresh food: Ditch the soggy salad and opt for other mason jar recipes that are perfect for mason jar lunches. 

There is a difference on the freshness of mason jar salads versus mason jar meals. While you might want to consider packing meals five days out, it’s not advisable to plan a month in advance. You want to make sure your food is fresh and not spoiled.

Here are the best mason jar meal recipes that aren’t salads to try:

28 Mason Jar Meal Recipes that Aren't Salads

Mason jar salad recipes are amazingly popular! And rightfully so! The opportunity to have a wonderful salad in a jar to save time, money and hassle is worth every penny! So what if you have all the colorful salad you need and want something new? Well, our fun list of 28 Mason jar meals recipes that aren't salads might pique your interest.

We've got protein's, grains, pasta and other elements for a little different flavor than the typical greens. And all of these amazingly delicious recipes are perfect for any occasion (especially breakfast, lunch and dinner!)

In Conclusion

If you are wanting to plan meals more than salads, mason jars are a great choice! Hopefully, you have enjoyed our mason jar meal recipes that aren't salad list. We would love to share some of our other favorite recipes too! Check out our other popular recipes.

If you really want the make-ahead mason jar salads, we do have them, just on a different post. This post is where you can find the perfect mason jar salad! Enjoy a salad in cute mason jars.

What kind of jars do I need? 

Depending on the different ingredients and the quantities of what you're making, you may need various different sized jars. In general, wide mouth jars are better for making your favorite meals in. But see each recipe for the best suggestion on what kind of glass jars would work for it. 

If you really want the make-ahead mason jar salads, we do have the mason jar salad ideas with some various and delicious salad ingredients, just on a different post. This post is where you can find the perfect mason jar salad! 

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