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Simple & Spooky 3 Ingredient Green Halloween Cocktail

Get ready for your Halloween party with this fun and spooky Green Halloween Cocktail. This fun adult drink recipe, intended for those 21 years and older is super tasty and festive for this Spooky Halloween season.

Have fun enjoying this adult drink that used fun kids candy and drinks as an inspiration. Who doesn't love Green Hawaiian Punch and Gummy Worms?!? It really brings you back to your childhood when you'd be out trick-or-treating with friends and munching on the candy as you walked through the neighborhood.

Maybe you've already made a Green Witches Brew, or a Swamp Drink and are looking for something new.... this 3 ingredient Spooky Green drink is sure to be a hit.

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Halloween cocktail in a jar.

Why You'll Love This Green Halloween Punch Cocktail Recipe

  • Brings back fun childhood memories
  • Super economical
  • Fun for parties- just make sure the kids know it's off limits
  • Easy to customize
  • Tastes Delish- Coconut rum and Hawaiian Punch is a great combination
Ingredients for cocktail.

Green Halloween Rum Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

  • Coconut Rum - We love Malibu or Parrot Bay in our house, but any Coconut Rum is delicious
  • Green Hawaiian Punch- If green isn't available in your area, grab the big gallon Hawaiian punch jug of whatever color is available.
  • Gummy worms- regular gummy worms or sour gummy worms are perfect
  • Ice cubes- to keep your punch cocktail chilled

Tools To Make Halloween Hawaiian Rum Punch

How To Make A Green Halloween Cocktail

This is a super simple Spooky Halloween Cocktail.

  1. Add ice to your Mason Jar. Pour in your coconut rum shot and fill the rest of the jar with your Hawaiian Punch. Top with Gummy Worms and enjoy!
Pouring rum in a drink.
Finished rum cocktail in a jar - green halloween drink.

Green Halloween Rum Cocktail Variations

  • Swap coconut rum- try a dark rum, a different flavored light rum or a different spirit of alcohol. This would be good with vodka too.
  • Add other toppings- Trade out the gummy worms for other fun Halloween candy choices.

How Can I Make This A Kid-Friendly, Non-Alcoholic Drink?

All you have to do is omit the rum and this drink is great and safe for children. You can add in fun candies to the drink or add a drizzle of grenadine to give it a dripping blood look to be more spooky for kids.

Skull and green halloween rum punch in a jar.

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Green Halloween cocktail in a jar

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  • Coconut Rum
  • Green Hawaiian Punch
  • Gummy Worms
  • Ice Cubes


    1. Add ice to your Mason Jar. Pour in your coconut rum shot and fill the rest of the jar with your Hawaiian Punch. Top with Gummy Worms and enjoy!

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