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33 Delicious Mason Jar Noodle Recipes

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Delicious Mason Jar Noodle Recipes

This post is all about the delicious mason jar pasta recipes.

Mason jar noodle and pasta recipes are not as familiar as mason jar salad recipes. Yes, some of the recipes do include lettuce, kale or other greens, but for the most part the noodles or pasta is what brings the recipe together.

Perfect for a quick lunch. You might be surprised just how delicious these recipes are and impressed when the kids start asking when you will make the dishes again.

Some of the benefits of Mason Jar Noodle and Pasta Dishes are:

  • It’s not salad: If you are looking for something different, noodles mix things up.
  • Quick to make: You might be surprised how fast it is for a noodle recipe.
  • Easy on the wallet: The main dishes and even side dish noodle recipes will have your wallet breathing a sigh of relief!
  • The earth will thank you: After eating, the clean up is a breeze. Pop the jar into the dishwasher and go about your day. No waste to worry about!

Mason jar pasta recipes are perfect for family meals, quick bites to eat and even late night snacks. My personal favorite has to be the lasagna! It’s a hit with the kids too.

Here are the best mason jar noodle recipes to try:

33 Delicious Mason Jar Noodle Recipes

Ah, noodles! If you find that a meal with noodles or pasta is your thing, you've come to the right place. Mason Jar Recipes are just about greens and salads. There is more. Including the lovely idea of making a meal with noodles.

From mac and cheese to bow tie delights, you will find plenty of interesting recipes in this list of 33 different recipes. As I always tell people, if you are looking for a variety of flavors, you've come to the right place by making food in a mason jar. It's the perfect portioned meal that even the kids will want to eat!

In conclusion:

If you love these recipes, consider trying a few of your own too. Sometimes adding (or taking away) one or two ingredients will have your taste buds screaming in delight.

Love our lists? Check out our other fabulous mason jar recipes, including one of my favorites: Mason Jar ice cream recipes! It’s a great tasting treat in a jar.

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