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34 Mason Jar Dry Soup Mixes Recipes

34 Mason Jar Dry Soup Mixes Recipes

The Best Mason Jar Dry Soup Mixes Recipes for Homemade Gifts post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

34 Mason Jar Dry Soup Mix Recipes

This post is all about homemade gifts with Mason Jar Dry Soup Mixes Recipes.

Mason jar dry mixes are amazing. The idea of keeping all the ingredients for one meal in a jar is intriguing. There are a number of recipes that offer dry mixes for soups to use. More importantly, there are some outstanding recipes for mason jar soup dry mixes as inexpensive homemade gifts.

There is something delightful about sharing a dry mix with your friends and family. It offers them a piece of you in a way. When you pick a recipe that you and your family would eat as well as share, it’s an extension of you and your life.

As much as we love mason jar salad recipes and mason jar dessert recipes, we find that the mason jar gifts offer a very personal angle in my life. We share items that we use with others. How much more special can it be?

We always add these Mason Jar Lid Labels to our homemade gifts for friends and family. it really adds a nice personal touch to the gift. You can grab them too- just download and print them!

made with love jar lid labels.

Don’t Forget to Make your Soup Recipes Easy to Use

Use Mason Jar Labels! For the Mason Jar dry soup mixes recipes, you really need a label. It’s a great way to call your soup something special. Like Melinda’s Mason Jar Dry Mix Potato Soup or even a more generic term like “Five Bean Mason Jar Dry Mix Soup.”

If you have a label, that sticks on the side of the mason jar, you will not need to worry about someone losing the tag or anything with the instructions.

People who are unfamiliar can identify the substance and look up on Google some directions to get started. They could also give you a call, if, they felt comfortable admitting they haven’t used your gift yet.

Mason Jar Dry Soup Mix Recipe Instructions are important!

Last year we got a lovely jar of a dry mix soup. Was absolutely thrilled to try it. Our friend, excited to share, rattled off the directions and told me happy holidays.

Well, the gesture was delightful, but the soup mix has yet to be tasted. We’re too embarrassed to call and ask for the instructions again. And if you leave out the directions for your friends, the same will happen too. It’s like hating a color of a sweater and putting it in the drawer instead of asking your pal for the receipt….it’s bad etiquette.

That’s why you need to make sure that every dry soup mix recipe has instructions that are on the mason jar, or on a tag around the lid and consider emailing a copy too. This way, the mason jar soup mix instructions are easy to find and will be appreciated.

You may also love a few of our other Mason Jar Gift ideas like our Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar and our Pancake Mix in a Jar. More festive ones that we love are the Caramel Apple Cider Sangria and the Christmas Holiday Sangria. We know you loved them and wanted to make sure you got to check them out with these amazing soup mix recipes.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Soup Mix Ingredients

Mason Jar Dry Soup Mix Ingredients need to be listed. When offering homemade items, we typically know our friends health issues (or at least what they like or don’t like to eat).

However, the need for an ingredient list is important for your mason jar dry soup mix recipe. Just so they know the ingredients.

Otherwise, if they are unclear and there is a health issue for the family or even personally, they may decide not to use the gift. A simple list will clear up any confusion and they can enjoy your dry soup mix gift at their leisure.

Layering your Mason Jar Dry Soup Ingredients is possible. How pretty do you want your dry mix to look? If it’s important, then you should layer based on the weight of the ingredients. Light powders go first, followed by heavier grains and then larger pieces such as noodles.

Also if wanted, to avoid layers bleeding into each other, cut small round pieces of wax paper to place between the ingredients to keep from seeping through.

It’s not always necessary to layer your Mason Jar ingredients and some dry soup mixes don’t lean towards this option. Don’t worry! Mix as needed outside your jar and place in as you typically would.

Decorate with a label, tag, and instructions! It looks good that way too!

The best part about dry mixes for soups is it’s inexpensive to put together. Of course, you buy the items in bulk and start to put together as needed. Even with all the supplies and new mason jars (which all my gifts are new jars) it’s less than $5 a gift. This is an amazing low price for a sincere holiday gift.

Some of the benefits of Mason Jar dry soup mixes recipes:

  • Soups are fun: Even if you have special dietary needs, the primary ingredients are grains. For the most part, these are easy for people to digest.
  • Quick to make: The homemade gifts are quick to put together. Especially if you gather all the ingredients and put together all the gifts in an afternoon.
  • Easy on the Budget: The per mason jar gift is low in cost but high flavor. Your wallet will thank you for keeping an eye on the budget.
  • You can Personalize the Gift: Personalizing the gift will allow your friends to know it came from the heart!
  • Mother Nature’s Friend: It’s environmentally friendly. Your gift is used and the jar can be used again and again for other things as needed.

The types of dry soup mixes on this list will have you thinking about beans, noodles, and potatoes. The mason jar dry mix bean soups are delicious and so are all the mason jar dry mix pasta soups. Check out the recipes to see what you feel is best for a homemade gift.

And if you’re looking for another fantastic soup in a jar- try out our homemade Chicken Noodle Soup in a Jar recipe. It’s always a hit.

Here are the best mason jar dry mix soup recipes to try:

34 Best Mason Jar Dry Soup Mix Recipes for Homemade Gifts

Looking for the best Mason Jar Dry soup Mix recipes for gifts? Let's face it, the importance of having a Mason Jar homemade gift is about offering something you know the receiver would appreciate. More importantly, something they would use. That's why when you consider soup mixes for soup recipes you need to consider the ingredients and you need to consider the instructions. Don't matter if your jar looks visually stunning for the masses to see. If you can't relay how it can be prepared properly, it's never going to be eaten.

In conclusion:

Mason jar dry mix soups are perfect homemade gifts, but you might find they are perfect for you too. Don’t hesitate to try any of the dry mix recipes to see how they taste for you and your family to eat. Sometimes the best recipes we find looking for ideas for others!

If you love mason jars as much as we do, check out the rest of our site. We’ve got some great mason jar salad recipes to explore and many delicious mason jar meal recipes too!