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34 Tasty Mason Jar Bacon Recipes

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Can you smell the bacon in this post? It’s 34 Mason Jar Bacon Recipes and I’m already salivating!

Mason jar recipes that use bacon are not uncommon. The fine art of sharing that yummy sizzle of crunchy flavor goes in a number of great dishes. What is uncommon? Finding some amazing mason jar recipes all in one place! And however, you got here doesn’t matter. What does? That you have found a mother load of bacon delight for mason jar breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. There is even a bacon included drink (see, bacon can be good with a cocktail! Additionally, for the most part, each recipe is very unique. I’d be pulling your leg if I didn’t say I love bacon (maybe I have a problem) and I’ve tried every one.

So really, why a list of mason jar meat recipes? Well, I’ve noticed that bacon gets a backseat when it comes to the best of the foods. Yes, it’s there, but not highlighted. Since I love bacon so much I thought why not show a little bacon love? I mean it was over a jar of bacon jam that melted in my mouth, but still it’s the thought that counts!

Who doesn’t Like Bacon?

These recipes are perfect if you are looking for something new. Having guests over? Bacon will be the talk of the food. Thinking of a party? Why not give the attendees something to appreciate? The family feeling like you need something new? Yes, bacon. Well, you get the idea here. It’s a universal meat that creates extraordinary moments when introduced to friends and family.

Some of the benefits of Bacon recipes are:

  • Bacon is typically found in your fridge.
  • Quick to make: If you get the precooked bacon, it’s use as needed!
  • Easy on the wallet: OK, I’ve got to say if you are bringing home the bacon, then why not eat it too?
  • You can control the bacon: Used as an ingredient you can enjoy the flavor while still moderating the use
  • Mason Jars can be washed and reused: While you might think you should lick the jar to get every last bacon lick, it’s probably better to wash it in the dishwasher. Plus then you can make a new meal!

Here are the best mason jar bacon recipes to try:

34 Mason Jar Bacon Recipes

Mason Jar Recipes With Bacon! The idea of having bacon for every meal sounds delicious, but it's seriously unhealthy! However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy bacon in your mason jar meals. From a simple add on to a main source, we've come up with some interesting and delicious ways to enjoy bacon while still offering up a great meal for you and your family!

In conclusion:

Mason jar bacon recipes are perfect for trying something new. If you find that you need more, check out our Mason jar salad recipes as well as our other lists. So many tasty foods can be made in mason jars. We love using them!

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