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36 Mason Jar Lemonade Recipes and Drinks

The 36 Yummy Mason Jar Lemonade Recipes and Drinks post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

36 Yummy Mason Jar Lemonade Recipes and Drinks

This post is all about the amazing lemonade drinks you can make using mason jars….Are you ready?

Mason Jar lemonade might be the most old fashion drink to be offered in jars. I mean when you think about it, you don’t expect Pepsi or Coke in a mason jar. If it was sweet tea or lemonade, you expect that delicious drink served.

As much as you might assume that lemonade is lemonade, I must caution you.

That’s entirely not true. In fact, you might be surprised to see that there are dozens of mason jar lemonade recipes that offer variations for taste and type.

I’m actually glad there are so many recipes to choose from. It’s a chance to explore new flavors and get new ingredients to try.

Consider What Ingredients Work for You

When whipping through the recipes, consider what might taste good to you.

I was very surprised at the amazing flavor of the honey lemonade (it was nothing like I’ve ever tasted before.) And the blueberry lemonade is outstanding too. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I love the strawberry as well!

You’re not going to hear complaints from the family when you try these recipes. They are going to be too excited about the possibilities to do anything more than gently sip and enjoy.

Of course, you should consider varying the recipes once you’ve tried them to your personal taste. Some people prefer more sugar. Others want less.

Some need the flavors of the fruit to pop! The sky is the limit when it comes to the recipe changes. Try them once as suggested and then get crazy!

Benefits Of Mason Jar Lemonade Recipes:

  • Lemonade is a fun summer drink: You can’t go wrong with a cold glass
  • Fast to make: These delightful recipes are perfect for a quick summer treat.
  • Wallet friendly: Lemonade isn’t expensive and you will appreciate how much better it tastes.
  • You can control the sweets: You don’t always need so much sugar and these recipes offer alternatives as well as cutting back on store bought sugared lemonade.

So what can you expect from these recipes? A good, solid glass of lemonade. From my taste kitchen to yours, it’s a delightful feeling to make something that tastes good and offers value to the family!

How To Serve Drinks Perfectly In Mason Jars Every Time

When serving drinks, you need to consider how to make that moment extra special. I’ve found a way to elevate any drink (including lemonade) by simply freezing the mason jars before use.

I typically place jars into the freezer about 20 minutes before expected serving.

It chills out the glass and makes a delicious drink. You could leave the jars in longer (I don’t recommend past 35 minutes) or place ice cubes inside the jars before placing them in the freezer. This will keep the drink cold.

Best Lemonade Mason Jar Recipes To Try

36 Yummy Mason Jar Lemonade Recipes and Drinks

If the kids are asking for lemonade, you know what to whip up! The delicious mason jar lemonade recipes and drinks are the perfect place to start as you start to explore the different lemonades to try this season. Of course, the perfect lemonade starts with lemons- That's right, whether it is fresh lemons or concentrate, the lemon taste is one of the reasons people love the perfect drink of lemonade.

In conclusion:

Mason jar lemonade recipes are perfect for summer, but don’t stop there. Mason jars are also delightfully convenient if you are looking for portion control for snacks too.

And if you are having a party, consider how much plastic and paper you’d save by offering mason jar lemonade (or even sweet tea.)

If you find that you need more, check out our Mason jar ice cream recipes as well as our other lists. So many tasty foods can be made in mason jars. We’d love to share more with you!

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