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35 Mouthwatering Mason Jar Salad Recipes

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If you love salad, you are going to love these 35 simple mouthwatering mason jar recipes. It's not surprising that using mason jars have become popular in 2021.

With more people staying at home and wanting to help the environment by recycling and reusing, mason jars are the perfect way to have prepared salads without all the waste. They are awesome and easy to make too!

Best for lunch, mason jar salads aren’t hard to make. You can make 5 salads and have one a day. And as you will notice, each one will taste fresh (and delish!)

Why Consider Mason Jar Salads?

  • It’s Fast to Make. You can make a batch all at once, pop it in the refrigerator and have lunch every day of the week.
  • It’s Fast to Eat. You don’t need to fret over what to have for lunch. It’s waiting for you and it’s bound to taste good (you made it after all)
  • It will Help You Eat Healthy. If you have a salad ready, you aren’t hopping over to the local fast food joint. You’ve got it covered already and it will taste good!
  • No Mess. No Stress. You can wash a mason jar in the dishwasher, just like a plate. And no waste to toss, unlike those convenience salads at the store where the whole container needs to be trashed.
  • Time Saver. It’s advisable to only make a week’s worth of salads at a time. You are sealing them and popping in the fridge so they will be fresh for a short time, but still you want the vegetables crisp and delicious!

How Do I Layer A Mason Jar Salad?

To layer a mason jar salad, lay out all your ingredients prior to packing. When you consider any of the mason jar recipes, make sure you layer the ingredients properly. Wet ingredients, such as dressings, go on the bottom and dry ingredients go on top. This will avoid soggy vegetables and odd flavors.

What Size Jar Do I Use For a Mason Jar Salad?

Typically the size of a jar used for a mason jar salad depends on how hungry you might be. If you are looking for a large salad or a salad for 2 people, the larger 32-ounce mason jar is best. If you are looking for a typical side salad (think dining out at a restaurant) then a 16 ounce mason jars is perfect. Here are my favorite mason jar salads to try:

36 Mouthwatering Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Yummy! The 36 Mouthwatering Mason jar salads I've found will have you thinking about salads big time! If you are looking for a healthy and flavorful way to have lunch with convenience, this is your list! There is nothing more delightful than opening up the fridge, grabbing a jar and sitting down for a healthy lunch or dinner!

In Conclusion

If your mouth is watering, then you've found yourself the perfect list for Mason jar salad recipes. There are so many to choose from and it's the perfect way to enjoy a quick lunch!

Enjoyed what you see here and want more mason jar recipes? Check out our fabulous and healthy ideas!

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