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52 Mason Jar Cookie Recipes: Mixes Perfect for Gift Giving

The 52 Mason Jar Cookie Recipes Mixes Perfect for Gift Giving post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Mason jar cookie mixes is probably one of the fondest desserts made to give friends and family. Putting together all the ingredients in the jars. It’s a labor of love that ends trades hands, so the gift is fresh when you pop the cookies in the oven.

Cookies are the Perfect Homemade Gift

Cookies are the perfect gift for everyone. The love that goes into preparing mason jar recipes is beyond any store-bought item. Add the cute label or tag (there are dozens of free printable labels online to choose from) and you’ve to a special gift for a special someone.

The types of mason jar cookie mixes are quite intriguing as there are a number of recipes that offer easy prep. Additionally, for the most part, each recipe offered is very unique. Traditionally, you will see there are more chocolate chip cookie mixes out there than anything. Don’t be discouraged as we’ve found some great ones beyond chocolate chip.

Layer Your Ingredients

When you think about mason jar cookie mixes, one of the coolest things is how the ingredients are layered and how it looks from the outside. The more precise it is, the prettier it looks. Of course, you could easily mix everything, but if you do layer, keep in mind, the chunks, pieces, raisins and even nuts need to be on top. The bottom should start with the lightest powder ingredients and build up from there. Your recipe label or tag should offer simple instructions on adding the ingredients as needed to finalize the recipe.

Another important aspect of mason jar cookies is sharing how many cookies the recipe will make. On average you will have two dozen traditionally chocolate chip cookies (approximately) for each 16-ounce jar of mixture. This average is based on silver dollar sized cookies, which may or may not, be too small for your gift receiver.

Homemade cookies are perfect for holiday gift giving. You will surprise your friends and family offering something that is unique and homemade while still very unique. Additionally, you can cater your recipes to allow people to enjoy your cookies, by adjusting to recipes that are no gluten or vegan.

Mason Jar Cookies :Are Cost Effective, Fun Recipe Gifts

How much will a jar of cookie mix cost you? Well, if you make six or more jars for gifts, don’t expect to pay more than a couple of dollars each. You can easily buy new jars at the dollar store and when you purchase cookie ingredients in bulk, you’ll see the price of each item go down. When I make mason jar cookie recipes and use mixes it averages out to about $3 a jar – this includes the jar as I feel it’s best to offer a new jar instead of reusing one. Also, I spend a little extra on my cookies with name brand chocolates and candies. If you were looking to cut corners, you could pay even less with store brands.

Remind your guests that after the jar is empty they can use it for other things including mason jar salads, mason jar crafts or even to store the cookies once they are made!

Some of the benefits of Mason jar cookie recipe mix are:

  • Desserts are fun: It’s always nice to have cookies and to make them when you want is a great gift!
  • Cater to Dietary Needs: Even with special dietary needs, you can find a recipe that fits your needs perfectly
  • Quick to make: Fast and simple without cutting the tastes. It’s a perfect sweet treat.
  • Easy on the wallet: The mason jar cookie recipes are inexpensive to put together and give as Christmas presents or holiday gifts.
  • You can control the sweets: Don’t worry about the kids having too much as you can control the portions.
  • The earth thanks you: It’s a great way to be environmentally friendly. You give a gift and the jar can be recycled or it can go in the dishwasher to use again.

Personal Favorites to Share

The types of cookie recipes in this fun list will have you thinking about the significance of mason jars. My personal favorite must be the mason jar mint chocolate cookies. They are absolutely delicious with a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s night. Nothing is better than a minty chocolate cookie, dunked in hot liquid, on a cold winter’s night.

More Questions on Mason Jar Cookie Recipe Mixes

How Long does Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar last?

The mix, unless it has liquid, should be safely used within 6 months. After that, the cookie mix ingredients should be thrown away.

How do you Make Cookies in a Cookie Jar?

Making cookies in a cookie jar typically means that the mixture is in a mason jar to use, add liquid ingredients and make a batch of cookies quickly. You cook the cookies on a traditional sheet pan.

How Many Cookies Fit in a Mason jar?

Approximately 24 cookies, roughly the size of a silver dollar, can fit into a regular size mason jar.

How do you Layer Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar to Look Pretty?

To make your mason jar cookie recipe look visually stunning you need to layer each ingredient. After pushing down the powder elements, place a thin piece of wax paper between the ingredients to keep it from mixing.
Chunkier items like chocolate chips, candy, raisins and even nuts should be placed on top.

Can you put Labels on Mason Jars?

Yes! You can label or make specialize tags for the jars. It completes the cookie recipe mix!

How do you Make Cookie Jar Labels Personal?

Cookie Mix jars look stunning with printable mason jar labels that share the name of the cookies and the recipe. Print at home labels and tags for homemade mason jar gifts on your printer.

What do the numbers on the bottom of Mason jars mean?

The numbers on the bottom of the mason jars are not for cooking reference. It is where the jar was placed in the mold when it was made.

Here are the Best Mason Jar Cookie Recipes to Try:

52 Mason Jar Cookie Recipe Mixes Perfect for Gift Giving Recipes

We have your mason jar cookie recipes! If you are looking for great gift giving ideas, then a recipe in a bottle is perfect. Compose all the dry ingredients, put them in a jar with a homemade label offering directions and you have a great gift. to give any time of the year. Depending on your friends and family, your gifts could be made in bulk, focus on sweets they enjoy as well as bring smiles to faces. It might sound oversimplified, but cookie recipe mixes are great while offering an inexpensive alternative to fancy gifts.

In Conclusion

If you love mason jars, there isn’t any reason not to share the love with your friends and family. These cookie recipes are perfect to highlight your favorite tastes and bring a little homemade happiness to the table.

Other fun mixes in a jar to give are Pancake Mix in a Jar and Hot Chocolate Mix in a jar. Adults LOVE getting these and kids love gobbling up the goodies from these homemade mixes in a jar gifts.

While you’re making some of these amazing cookies, why not enjoy some delicious Christmas Sangria?!?! So good!

Want to find out more about the different kinds of mason jar uses? We have a cool list on mason jar salad recipes (which is fabulous to get you started.) Check it out!

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