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8 BBQ Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Would you like to enjoy a BBQ salad theme today? Mason Jar salads don’t all need to have a certain taste to them. In fact, depending on the ingredients you choose, it’s possible to have a delightfully themed barbecue flavor popping out of the jar.

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Why Mason Jar BBQ Salads?

Grill Not Even Needed

Sometimes we overlook the obvious, especially when it comes to our food. As most people really enjoy the idea of having a backyard barbecue, they wouldn’t mind want to put all the work into it every day, especially if they are looking for a fast lunch. Ultimately that means a barbecue salad might not be first on the list.

BBQ Mason Jar Salad Is Worth The Effort

While it might not be as common, the idea behind a barbecue mason jar salad is worth it! The delicious flavors don’t need to wait until the end of the week.

They can happen every day of the week with just a little bit of planning. The components should be considered for a balanced barbecue meal.

Not All BBQ is About the Meat

If you are thinking barbecue is all about the meat, think again. There are vegetables to consider too. And don’t forget the dressing used.

Getting your meal to the barbecue zone usually combines the meat, dressing and vegetables to make it happen. I love recipes that rely more on vegetables instead of meat anyway. It just tastes fresher!

Some Of The Benefits Of Barbecue Mason Jar Salads Are:

  • Barbecue flavor is all about ingredients.
  • It’s different! Think outside the grill for salad goodness
  • Easy on the budget: Noodles are inexpensive.
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here Are 8 Mason Jar Barbecue Salad Recipes To Try:

8 BBQ Mason Jar Salad Recipes

BBQ in a Jar? Yes Please! If you are looking for some delicious BBQ, don't think you need to turn up the grill.

There is another way to have a great meal with some amazing barbeque flavor. How? Mason Jar BBQ Salads!

Some of our favorite mason jar salad recipes have a barbecue theme. It could be barbecue chicken, tofu, pork or even beef. We'd even go for barbecued vegetables in our salad. It's just that good!

In Conclusion:

In the summer months I get my fill of barbecue (yeah, sometimes a little too much.) When the snow rolls in and the barbecue is covered, I find myself yearning for just one more barbecue. That’s why I love the idea of these recipes. What is my favorite barbecue recipe? That would be the Barbecue Chicken Mason Jar Salad. It’s the perfect balance.

Want more ideas for ingredients? Check out my mason jar salad ingredient list to find a new item for your next meal. Flavor is everything!

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