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9 Delish Tofu Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Need some new tofu recipes? These Tofu Mason Jar Salad Recipes are great for fixing your tofu desires. You can make these salads with ease and know that you're getting something healthy with each meal.

Why Tofu Mason Jar Salads? Because YUM

If you haven’t tried tofu in your mason jar salad, we can’t wait to introduce you to this idea. This ingredient is often overlooked, but is relatively inexpensive and a great option! T

ofu is gluten free, low in calories and is high in protein. So why isn’t it in salads more often?

Usually, the first experience tasting tofu has people thinking it’s got a weird texture or doesn’t have a taste. To that we say: It’s all in the preparations!

Our list of delicious mason jar tofu salads will have you thinking about this item in an entirely different way. Looking to make it part of the salad, think about tofu as another ingredient to make the salad even better.

If you do, the sky is the limit on how it’s cooked (not cooked) for your next salad.

Will the Kids Like Tofu?

You might be surprised at the reaction kids have to tofu. They will like it if you don’t serve it straight out of the container.

We’ve noticed that in salads, the cubes (we cube it in ½ inch sections) are eaten without a fuss.

However, showing the tofu in the container has the kids using terms like “gross” and ‘yuck” due to the water solution. Then there are issues.

Our advice? Don’t invite them in the kitchen for the first time using tofu.

That way their experience will be based on the taste in the jar.

Tofu Grabs Flavors Fast

Some of the Asian recipes included in our list use tofu to help enhance the flavor of the salad. If you cook the item prior to placing in the jar, it will taste like the spices used.

This does mean you need to be careful when placing in jars. Picking up different tastes quickly, tofu typically shouldn’t be placed on the bottom or the jar when packing ingredients.

Otherwise, it will soak out the juices and the flavor balance will be out of whack.

Instead, place tofu in the middle of the jar, away from juicy vegetables and liquids.

Some Of The Benefits Of Tofu Mason Jar Salads Are:

  • Tofu is simple. Cube, cook and/or season.
  • Delicious! Prepare to your liking.
  • Easy on the budget: Tofu is inexpensive.
  • Turkey is a low calorie, gluten-free and high protein adaptable to most diets.
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here are 11 Mason Jar Tofu Salad Recipes to try:

9 Delish Tofu Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Tofu. It's one of those interesting ingredients that isn't used often enough in mason jar salads. It should be used more though!

This fun list of tofu infused salads is perfect for anyone who loves tofu, wants to get more nutrients or is looking for something new to add to their recipe collection.

We've picked out some of the best mason jar salad recipes to share. Enjoy!

In Conclusion:

We absolutely love the simplicity of tofu in salads. It’s not to tough to make it and the health benefits are worth the effort. It’s also not like turkey, chicken or even beef so the texture does take a bit of getting used to. Our favorite tofu mason jar salad? We thought you’d never ask! It’s the Buffalo Tofu mason jar salad. It’s absolutely amazing! Even the kids like it.

Looking for a little variety in your salads? Check out our mason jar salad ingredient list to see what you can add to your next salad to kick it up a notch!

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