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9 Fresh Mason Jar Fruit Salad Recipes to Enjoy

Looking for some new healthy recipes to give a try. Why not give these Mason Jar Fruit Salad recipes a whirl? They're easy, convenient, and full of fantastic flavor.

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More Than Vegetable Salads In A Jar

Mason jar salad recipes aren’t just for vegetables anymore! The latest (and the kids claim some of the greatest) mason jar recipes include a fresh variety of fruits tossed in a light dressing or combined with the juices.

While our critics are definitely intense, the best part of their meal is when they are satisfied with a new kind of healthy salad.

What Kind Of Fruit To Use

Fruit salads in a jar isn't just about fresh fruit, think FROZEN fruit too.

As much as we like to feed the kids fresh fruit, when it comes to fruit salads, sometimes frozen is better. The cost of fruit, out of season, can be a bit much and when that happens, we head to the frozen aisle to pick up what we need.

The best part? After packing the fruit and mixing the ingredients, we find that the thaw in the fridge allows the other ingredients to keep chilled as well. It tastes as good as fresh fruit and it’s still saving us money!

Fuit And Vegetable Salad Variations

Not all fruit salads are just fruit. Some of the best recipes offer up fruits and vegetables. Pouring together taste and texture for the perfect combination. It’s super delicious!

One Mason Jar Fruit Salad and You’re Hooked

We have to warn you. After trying one mason jar fruit salad expect to be hooked. This interesting take is going to expand your lunch and salad spectrum like you’d never imagine. It’s a whole new world (sorry Aladdin) and the fruit salads are just waiting for you to try it.

Some Of The Benefits Of Mason Jar Fruit Salads Are:

  • Fruit is a healthy ingredient.
  • It’s different! You might not have considered fruit in your salad
  • Easy on the budget: Fruit flexes in price, but you can find deals.
  • Mason Jars can be washed: Reuse your mason jars and have the earth thank you!

Here Are 9 Fresh Mason Jar Fruit Salad Recipes To Try:

9 Fresh Mason Jar Fruit Salad Recipes to Enjoy

Looking for a different spin on mason jar salads? What about a fruit salad? We've been searching and found nine amazing salad recipes that include fruit, are mostly fruit or have some fruit aspect!

While it's not the traditional leafy greens you might think of when you consider a mason jar salad, it most definitely is a perfect opportunity to indulge the taste buds with some sweetness!

In conclusion:

When we head out for the day on adventures, we love taking my fruit salads with me. The source of vitamins and flavor seems to keep the kids from eyeing the fast food joints along the way and we couldn’t be happier.

One of our go-to recipes include the Mason jar Fruit Salad with Strawberry Mint Dressing. We get hungry just thinking about the recipe!

Want more ideas for salad ingredients? Check out our mason jar salad ingredient list to find a new item for your next meal. Flavor is everything!

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