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Best Sea Glass Containers & Where to Find Them

Sea Glass Containers have been popular for quite some time. They're great for decorating, bring a nice beachy theme, or vintage theme to your area that you're decorating. And they can be relatively inexpensive

Many (but not all) of the Sea Glass Containers and Sea Glass Jars that we share here are safe for using for decoration and food preservation, like using Ball Canning Jars and Mason Jars for canning supplies.

These containers we share are sea glass inspired in color or look or they're made to hold sea glass.

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Ball Mason Jars 32 oz Regular Mouth Glass Containers

Set of 4 Quart Size Mason Jars - Canning Glass Jars with Lids

These Sea Glass Containers are Made in The USA from soda-lime USDA Approved materials. They're toxin-free and are of food grade quality.

Other features we love about these Sea Glass Jars:

Regular Mouth 8 oz Aqua Vintage Mason Jars

Set of 8 Half Pint (8oz) Jars - Canning Jar with Lid and Ring

These Aqua Vintage Sea glass jars are the new 100th Limited Edition for Collectors. They're a remake from the early 1900's when Ball Brothers made the jars with "Perfect Mason" on them.

Other reasons we love these jars:

  • They're made in the USA.
  • Lead and BPA free.
  • The coloring protects from UV rays.
  • These half pint jars are microwave and dishwasher safe.

How to Use these Half Pint Seaglass Containers:

  • Store Seaglass in them
  • Can and Preserve food like jams and jellies
  • Store homemade baby food, dressing and honey.
  • Great to organize and store dry food or homemade recipes
  • Easy to serve food and drinks in - think cocktails
  • Perfect for favors or DIY crafts or homemade gift giving mixes (cookies, cakes, body sugars, lotions, butters, etc)

Cute Container to Store Seaglass

This beachy and coastal themed jar is great for storing Seaglass and is made to look like Sea Glass. It's decorated with coastal twine and seashells and starfish to compliment the decor theme.

Other reasons to love this Seaglass Tumbler:

  • It's beautiful, durable and doesn't weigh too much or look to big
  • It's hand-painted and made of food safe resin
  • This coordinates easily with other beach and coastal decor and would be the perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen sink area
  • Perfect size: 3" L x 3.1" W x 5" H

An interesting fact to keep in mind: This is a hand wash-only item and is not dishwasher safe.

Seaglass Holder Containers

Reasons to Grab This Seaglass Holder Container

  • Perfect size to take on vacation at the beach to find the perfect Seaglass collection
  • Clear and comes with a cork stopper
  • Great to use as a favor holder for weddings and parties
  • Once filled it's a cute decoration
  • 1.85 x 3.54 inches, holds 100 ml and has an inch and a half opening

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Secret : How To Turn Any Container Into A Sea Glass Container

Pick any of your favorite containers to collect or store Sea Glass in and turn them into the beautiful blue aqua color. This is a semi-translucent paint that's perfect for smooth glass and has a powdery finish. This spray paint has strong adhesion properties and is perfect for creating the perfect decoration piece, storage container or favor jar.

Grab yours here:

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We hope you can get your hands on any of these seaglass containers and jars that are great for decor, favors, canning, storing food and serving some of your favorite recipes found on our site.

What Is Sea Glass?

Natural, true or genuine sea glass is created from glass bottles, shipwrecks, tableware and more that's been broken and wound up in the ocean.

The ocean then tumbles it around for years and years until the edges are all smooth and rounded. The sea glass then gets a frosted appearance after so long getting beaten up in the water.

Where to Find Sea Glass?

You can find natural made sea glass on the shoreline. Just take a stroll down the beach shoreline and just as you would look for seashells, look on the ground for sea glass.

How to Collect Seaglass?

You can collect your natural seaglass in any of the jars and containers we shared above. We like the glass bottle with the cork stopper the best if collecting on a beach vacation.

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