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36 Mason Jar Cocktails and Drinks for Summer

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Yummy! 36 Amazing Mason Jar Cocktails and Drinks for Summer

This post is all about the delicious cocktails you can sip, slurp or gulp from a mason jar!

Mason jar cocktails, be it the real deal, a mocktail or a drink is perfect for the hot summer days. A jar of your favorite drink might be a perfect way to relax, a delightful way to serve your guests or a last minute decision on making a lovely evening after heading to the kitchen.

Mason jar cocktails are just as good as they sound! There are so many different types to choose from, the big problem will be which recipe to try first! My favorite time of year is summer and early fall when we get together with friends. I use a number of these recipes to offer cocktails and they tend to love it.

If you are hosting, consider making a quick call to see what your guests would prefer as tastes vary widely. There are so many mason jar recipes on this list, you are bound to find one drink that would be perfect to make for everyone.

Keep the Glasses Cold

I’ve often found that the colder the mason jars are, the better the drink tastes. Before you start the mixing process, pop the jars in the fridge for 30 minutes. It’s going to keep those drinks cold and the ice won’t melt as fast once you have everything in the jar.

If you are using a freezer recipe for a slushy type drink. Make sure the jars are standing upright in the freezer and not too full. In the past some of my jars have overflowed because the mixture expands.

Am much as I love cooking with mason jars and making desserts, ice cream and even breakfast, there is something romantic and rugged with mason jar cocktails and drinks. Anyone can use a fancy glass and spout fancy words. A mason jar cocktail speaks to my soul and it’s saying we are all real people having a good time together.

Some of the benefits of Mason Jar Cocktails

  • Cocktails are fun: Even if you are a picky drinker, there is an adult beverage for you.
  • Fast and fabulous: You don’t need to overthink these mason jar drinks. Gotta love that!
  • Wallet friendly: You won’t be paying high prices like you would at a bar or restaurant.
  • You control the portion and alcohol content: It’s good to be able to control how much you drink.
  • Environmentally friendly: Once you finish your drinks, you pop the jar in the dishwasher. Cleanup done!
Here are the best mason jar cocktail and drink recipes to try:

36 Amazing Mason Jar Cocktails and Drinks for Summer

Sipping the summer away on the front porch is a perfect way to enjoy the season. If you're like us, on a lazy afternoon, we don't mind watching the world go by as we rock on the swing and enjoy a good book.

The scenario wouldn't be complete unless we enjoyed a Mason jar cocktail too. This fun list of different drinks is for the legal drinking age crowd.

You know who you are and being responsible after consumption is absolutely required.

A relaxing afternoon or evening should not include anything risky after you've finished your drink. It's summer after all. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset!

In conclusion:

Mason jar cocktails and even mocktails are perfect for the summer. It’s probably good year-round as well, but the idea of being with friends and family, enjoying a homemade drink can’t be any more enjoyable.

Add a sunset, a large backyard where the kids are playing or even a game of Uno and there is nothing short of delight happening in your night.

If you find that you need more recipes with mason jars, check out our Mason jar cake recipes, mason jar salad recipes as well as our other lists. So many tasty foods can be made in mason jars.

Some of our other favorite Mason Jar Drinks and Recipes are:


As with any cocktails, we must recognize, the best drinks are consumed at home.

Put the keys away and enjoy the evening without driving.

We can only ask that you consider others and refrain from any dangerous activities. While our lawyers probably would have made us write this, it's something that should be shared anyway.


YUMMY 36 mason jar cocktails.

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