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Dessert Recipes

Here you will find some of our favorite desserts that can be made or stored in Mason Jars.

These Mason Jar Desserts are the perfect thing to use when you want portion control and want a beautiful dessert recipe.

You'll find cake mixes, cookies, mixes, cookies, cheesecakes, brownies, and more!

Trending Dessert Recipes

Here are some of our newest desserts and ones that people have been interested in lately!

Cheesecake Jars

Nothing beats a homemade cheesecake- especially when you can make smaller ones, single servings, no bake cheesecakes, and more!

Pies and Crisps

Imagine having a whole pie all to yourself- well, now you can with these mini mason jar pies and crisp recipes! SO easy to make and tons of flavors. And, you can find pie filling recipes too.

Cookies and Cookie Mixes

These cookies are great to enjoy all year round, plus the cookie mixes are perfect for gift giving.

Dry Mixes

Here are some fun dry dessert mixes to always have on hand so you can make your own cookies, cakes, muffins in no time without having to run to the store. Plus, they're great for gift giving.

Dessert Dips

If you haven't had a dessert dip, they're delectable and super easy to make. Great for parties, but just right when you want something sweet but not a ton of work.

Ice Creams

Make your own homemade ice cream or turn a regular plain ice cream into something incredible with these easy mason jar ice cream ideas.

Cakes and Brownies

Find cakes, cake mixes, individual sized cakes, frosting recipes, brownies, and more!


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