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21 Tasty Mason Jar Egg Recipes

Tasty Mason Jar Egg Recipes

This post is all about the best mason jar egg recipes.

Mason Jar Eggs are the perfect breakfast. Easy to make, simple to prepare, and full of favor, the kids won’t be last to the breakfast table. Around my house, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I make sure we eat healthy! Yep, no sugar cereal in this home!

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Some of the benefits of mason jar eggs are:

  • Simple and fast: Only a few ingredients but packed with flavor. You will like how eggs cook evenly in jars!
  • Wallet friendly: Putting together a meal this way costs less than other possibilities.
  • Loved by the kids: Mason jar eggs are a treat for kids. They love the taste (and they love the jars)
  • Simple to clean: I pop my mason jars in the dishwasher. Cleaning done.

When reviewing mason jar egg recipes you will notice how easy it is to prep for this type of meal. It doesn’t need to be a breakfast meal either. Eggs are great for lunch and dinner too! Use your fridge to keep your items fresh and then forget about it!

Most of the jars used in the recipes are small jars unless there are many ingredients. If you are making a meal for a family and want to use as few jars as possible, consider adjusting the recipes appropriately for a larger 32-ounce jar.

As with any recipes using eggs, make sure you are using fresh eggs. If I ever have a question if fresh and can’t tell after smelling I use the float test.

Also, don’t consume raw eggs and you will notice ALL of the eggs used in this recipe list require cooking.

Here Are The Tasty Mason Jar Eggs To Try:

21 Mason Jar Egg Recipes

Eggs! The Mason Jar egg recipes might have you wishing for breakfast! This list of fun, egg-citing recipes is a look at the best eggs in the jars. While we typically think of a stove to make eggs (or any other number of modern day conveniences) there is no reason why not have a great egg treat whipped up in a jar.

And did I mention how fast it is to make eggs in a mason jar? Probably faster than on the stove and since the glass heats up the egg evenly, I've noticed how the texture of the entire meal tastes even too. It's delicious!

In Conclusion

The thing I love about the egg recipes is that I know good food brings the family together. That's right! If the kids like what they eat, they will be at the table before I even ask. That's quite a compliment when I have a small one who hates mornings. Plus, I know they are eating healthy, proper portioned food!

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