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46 Amazing Mason Jar Salad Ingredients

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Mixing mason jar salad ingredients can be done with perfection. The best ingredients are subjective and full of flavors you, personally, have come to appreciate. If you find yourself craving new flavors, but wanting what you love, consider a peek at our list of ingredients.

Mason jar Salad Ingredients

Our list of mason jar ingredients is offered to spark some new ideas. Of course everyone is familiar with lettuce in salads. But did you know there are 16 different varieties, each one offer a different flavor component? Looking beyond the traditional salad fixings, you might enjoy a 2.0 taste to some of the most basic ingredients. Exploring the possibilities is easy too. You can find many different varieties of fruits, vegetables and other staples at your local grocers.

Some of the benefits of mason jar salads:

  • Simple: Your ingredients and your choice. What could be better?
  • Inexpensive: Buying in bulk food you like to plan salads is a budget delight.
  • Fast Clean Up: No mess. No Hassle. Toss the jar (gently) in the dishwasher and cleaning done.
  • Environmentally friendly: You aren’t contributing to the waste of plastic with this lovely idea!

Mason jars salads are easy to prepare. Finding the ingredients, you like, with the flavors and textures you enjoy eating, will allow you to count on an exceptional meal every time. Once you have your chosen ingredients, you can combine, place in the jar and seal. The salads should be fresh for four or five days as stored in the fridge. My favorite ingredient, well, the onions. Not just any onion though. I love to mix it up!

If you are considering a single lunch, try the 8 or 16-ounce jars for your salads. As always, pack liquid to solid starting from the bottom (see our helpful sheet on packing bottles here.) And remember not to cram in the ingredients as that tends to offer a messy salad later.

Here are 45 Ingredients for your next delicious Mason Jar Salad:

Fall Potpourri In A Jar

In Conclusion:

The best mason jar salad is always a combination of ingredients that you love to eat. With so many options to choose from, the exploration of the salad never ends. And that’s a good thing! You are going to be hungry every day so you have options to try something new!