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Mason Jar Salads FAQ

Mason Jar Salads FAQ

Mason Jar Salad

Yum! It’s a Mason jar Salad! You might have a billion questions about this unique idea of using mason jars to make salad in and keep fresh in your fridge. Since it’s a unique idea, we can’t tell you that we have a billion answers, but we do have plenty of knowledge to get you started!

Mason Jar Salads are Convenient

Not only can you control what ingredients you want to eat, the idea of using this technique to grab a quick lunch or feed the family for suppertime, is really convenient. Make a batch of salads at the beginning of the week, place in the refrigerator and pull on out when you are hungry. Not only will your meal be fresh, there is no extra work and the convenience of the food being ready is amazing.

Mason Jar Salads are Cost Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

When you’re looking for ways to cut down the budget, consider mason jar salads. Buying in bulk and then making individual meals will cost less. Additionally you will be enjoying the food you eat as the ingredients are items you want to eat! The best part? This is environmentally friendly. Think about all those times you’ve gone to the local convenience store to purchase some fast food for lunch and ended up tossing a bunch of plastic? With mason jars you simply wash the jar after the food is done and reuse!

Mason Jar Salad F.A.Q.

Do Mason Jar Salads Actually Taste Good?

Yes! The salads are delicious. Since you make the creations with your favorite ingredients, the best flavors are in the jar for your taste buds to explore.

Will You Really Save Money Making Mason Jar Salads?

Yes! Buying in bulk usually offers a better price point so your ingredients will cost less. Your overall cost of a salad will be far less than a burger at a fast food joint or a burrito at a convenience store. Meal to meal, it will have your wallet smiling!

How Long do Salads Last in Mason Jars?

Once packed, sealed and placed inside the refrigerator, the mason jar salads will last form 4 to 6 days. Personally, I prefer the top shelf as it keeps the ingredients colder and the freshness seems to linger longer. Look for the coldest place in the fridge and line your jars up there!

Can You Eat the Mason Jar Salad Right Out of the Jar?

Well, I do. And many other people do as well. It depends on what type of salad. And if you have any dressing that might be in the bottom. If you are looking to mix the ingredients further, putting the contents on the plate might be better.

Do Mason Jar Salads get Soggy?

Yes, sometimes, but it’s avoidable. See below on how to pack a mason jar salad.

Does Lettuce Wilt in a Mason Jar?

It’s possible. Depending on how you packed the mason jar with ingredients and how long the salad stays in the fridge. However, it doesn’t happen that often. Sealed tight, it typically stays fresh!

What is the Process When Packing a Mason Jar Salad

When you pack a mason jar salad, think about the formula of light to heavy. Everything on the bottom of the jar should be heavy. First, place the dressing, oils or liquid on the bottom. Followed by heavy fruits or vegetables that have high water content (tomatoes, radishes, etc) Followed by meats and denser ingredients. Then Croutons (seeds, kernels. raisins or any other toppings.) And end with the lettuce of leafy items on top.

When you see a pretty picture of a salad, you might immediately notice the lettuce on the bottom. When packing a mason jar, if you put the lettuce on the bottom it loses the freshness as it is the recipient of all the other liquids from the ingredients. Place it on top and it comes out perfect! No soggy salads for you!

What is the typical size for Mason Jar Salads?

The size depends on the number of people for the meal and the recipe. Check out our guidelines on mason jar salad sizes here. Once you start using mason jars, you will quickly be able to eyeball approximated ingredient usage, but it’s always good to check the recipes!