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Pineapple Screwdriver Recipe

Here's a super delicious fruity, sweet and tangy Pineapple Screwdriver Recipe. Take a classic Screwdriver Cocktail and put a twist or two on it and you've got a tasty Pineapple Screwdriver. This Pineapple Vodka Screwdriver is so easy to make, you'll be sippin' on something sweet in just a few minutes.

When it comes to making drinks at home, we are alllll about the fruity, fun drinks. Everyone (of age) can enjoy them without any judgement and they can be as strong or as "weak" as we want them to be.

This wonderful Pineapple Vodka Screwdriver came to be because we didn't have the usual coconut run to mix with our pineapple and went for the vodka instead.

Vodka isn't my go to drink, but Pineapple Vodka mixed with Pineapple Juice may now be my go-to alternative drink for a while.

Super easy, ready in minutes and tastes like a dip in paradise. You can't go wrong.

This recipe is intended for those of legal drinking age. Please drink responsibly.

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Why You’ll Love This Drink

  • Only uses a handful of ingredients and is made in 2 steps
  • Takes a few minutes of time to make
  • Sunshiney, fruity flavors
  • Easy to enjoy all year long but especially delicious in the summer months
  • Super easy to double or triple and make in a big pitcher for gatherings and parties


You just need a few things on hand to whip up one of these sweet Screwdriver with Pineapple Juice Drinks:

  • Vodka
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Ice Cubes
  • Garnish (Cherries or Pineapple Leaf, etc)

Get the amounts of the ingredients and the full recipe in the recipe card below!

Cocktail Tools Needed

Mason Jars for Serving

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Shot Glass for Measuring Shot

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How To Make A Pineapple Screwdriver

  1. Add ice cubes to your Mason Jars. Measure and pour one shot of Vodka in the jars.
  2. Fill the jar the rest of the way with Pineapple Juice, stir if desired. Garnish and enjoy!
Adding ice to glass.
Pouring Vodka into a glass.
Adding pineapple juice to vodka and ice with other ingredients around it- pineapple, Grey Goose, Pineapple chunks and cherries.

What Is A Screwdriver Cocktail

The classic screwdriver cocktail is simply vodka and orange juice served over ice (or on the rocks).

It recipe takes a little twist on this and substitutes the OJ for PJ.

Why Is It Called A Screwdriver

Where did the name “screwdriver cocktail” come from you ask?

Well, when they first started making this cocktail recipe, they were using screwdrivers to mix the juice and vodka.

Who are they? Well, it was made famous by some oil workers who were working in a place where orange juice was a popular drink and especially popular to enjoy on the job.

From there, some of them decided to be a little sneaky and start adding some vodka to their work drinks and then needed to stir it while still on the job… so what did they use to stir their drinks?

You got it- a screwdriver!

Many cocktails have 3 ingredients (or more) and this classic cocktail recipe only has 2 necessary ingredients!

Best Vodka for Screwdrivers

You can use whatever your favorite vodka is. Some people prefer cheaper vodka like Smirnoff, Tito’s, Pinnacle and go all the way up to Grey Goose and Belvedere.

Whatever you like and have on hand will do the job. As long as you like it, that's what is important.


Use Pineapple Vodka- Enhance the pineapple flavor of this cocktail by using Pineapple Vodka, like Ciroc Pineapple Vodka or Pinnacle Pineapple Vodka.

Add fresh fruit- add fresh pineapple chunks and muddle them with a mortar and pestel before adding them to your drink.

Add OJ- bring on a classic twist to this drink and add half OJ and have Pineapple juice for a fun, fruity mixture.

Tips & Tricks

  • If making for a party, grab some fun garnishes other than cherries to add to your Mason Jar Cocktails.
  • Double, triple or quadruple the recipe and put it in a pitcher for parties and gatherings.
  • Feel free to shake this drink in a cocktail shaker to really mix things up.
  • Freeze your Mason Jar before making your cocktail to really enjoy drink on the rocks.
Pineapple juice and vodka in a mason jar with a handle.

Can You Freeze Pineapple Vodka Screwdrivers?

You sure can freeze this cocktail recipe. Add it to your FREEZER INVENTORY LIST so you don't lose track and know when you have to enjoy it by before it goes bad.

How Long Can You Freeze This?

If you store this in your freezer bag in the freezer, it will be good for up to 3 months.

To enjoy this recipe once frozen, remove from the freezer and let thaw overnight or let thaw partially and enjoy it as a frozen drink recipe!

Can You Make Pineapple Screwdriver Ahead Of Time?

We don’t normally recommend making a cocktail like this one way before you want to enjoy it.

Ice will melt and this drink is best enjoyed right after you shake it or stir it.

Other Recipes

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- Mango Margaritas | Another fun, fruity cocktail that’s so tasty and simple to make.

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Pineapple sCrewdriver in a jar with ingredients surrounding it and a black and white towel.

Pineapple Screwdriver

All you need is Pineapple Juice and Vodka to make this Easy Pineapple Screwdriver Recipe. This cocktail takes just a few seconds before you're sippin'.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Pineapple Screwdriver
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes
Servings: 1 serving
Author: Mason Jar Recipe


  • 1 shot Vodka
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Ice Cubes
  • Cherries (Optional Garnish)
  • Pineapple Leaf (Optional Garnish)


  • Add ice cubes to your Mason Jars. Measure and pour one shot of Vodka in the jars.
  • Fill the jar the rest of the way with Pineapple Juice, stir if desired. Garnish and enjoy!

Nutritional Disclaimer

These Nutritional Facts are ESTIMATED. Your actual nutritional info with this recipe may vary depending on the brands you choose. “Mason Jar Recipe” is not a registered dietician or nutritionist. The provided nutritional info above is based on a generic calculator, if you want more accurate info, use your nutritional calculator of choice where you can choose brands and get more info that way.

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