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Pros and Cons of Mason Jar Salads

The Pros and Cons of Mason Jar Salads and Home Prep Recipes post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Mason Jar salads have become the latest (and in my opinion greatest) was to live a healthier lifestyle. You might think of it as a different way to save money, time and live life by cutting down your focus on eating and revving up your desire to plan for a better future.

Pros and Cons of Mason Jar Salads

Over the past few years I’ve taken to mason jar meals because I love how it gives me control of what I eat. I also like the extra time I’ve gotten from putting healthy choices on my plate and driving by those fast food joints.

It’s not an overnight process. Using mason jars recipes requires experimenting to see what is best for my personal tastes. And then adding on to that with what I consider better choices for my diet. I’ve concluded it’s worth it! nadn so very delicious.

Not only have I lost weight, but I’ve also gained precious time and a lot of insight of how just to be physically ready for anything. My energy has skyrocketed, and my shape has slimmed.

Yes, it’s because I made a choice to change my eating habits using mason jar salads and within that realm, offered up a comfortable way to portion control.

All of this leads to the questions I get about mason jar salads and the recipes that go with them. I wanted to address some of the questions I get on social and email so you can see how this is a positive impact to any lifestyle.

Pros of Mason Jar Salads

  • Weekly meal prep: You can make 5 salads for your week
  • Fast Clean up: Easy to wash and reuse.
  • Save Cash: Preparing meals means avoiding buying lunch daily.
  • Healthy living: You get what you pack. Delicious choices
  • Variety of Ingredients: The sky is the limit on salad fixings. Check out my fave homemade salad dressing!
  • Weight Loss: Portion control is easy with mason jars.

Cons of Mason Jar Salads

  • People take Your Salads: At work, I find that coworkers will take the salad and eat it. Yes, it’s rude but it tastes good and they do it!
  • Meal prep: You have to carve out time before the week starts
  • Same Salads: I love salad but sometimes a week of the same salad isn’t good.
  • Need a plate: If your salad has dressing and it’s packed tight, to get full flavor, you really need a plate. Sometimes work doesn’t have that option.

Mason Jar Salads FAQ

I get asked all the time about mason jar salads. People who are considering this type of meal prep want to know what they are getting involved in before they get started. Here are some answers to many of those questions.

Are Mason Jar salads good?

Yes, mason jar salads are delicious. Combined with your favorite ingredients, they taste great and save you money

How long do salads last in Mason jars?

Sealed and placed on the top shelf, the mason jar salads usually last from 4 to 6 days. I always use the top shelf for best circulation in the fridge as I noticed that the lower shelves tend to have the ingredients brown a day earlier.

Can you eat mason jar salads out of the jar?

I do eat the mason jar salads right out of the jar. It’s perfect for a day outside or if you are on the run. However, if there is dressing, the contents of the jar is better suited to be put on a plate.

Why use Mason jars for salads?

Mason jars are perfect for keeping salads fresh, even with combined ingredients. Recipes typically start with the dressing on the bottom to avoid sogginess.

Do mason jars keep food fresh longer?

Yes, mason jars do keep food fresh longer. In a sealed jar a salad will stay fresh from 4 to 6 days.

What is the best size Mason jar for salads?

Mason jar salad recipes vary and the typical size is 16 ounces. You will notice recipes for 8-ounce mason jars as well.

How big should a Mason jar be for salad?

A family would need a 32-ounce mason jar for salad. An individual would only need a 16-ounce mason jar for salad.

Do mason jar salads get soggy?

Mason jar salads don’t get soggy if packed correctly. All dressings and liquid need to be placed in the jar first. Followed by heartier ingredients like radishes, carrots and then leafy ingredients like lettuce, spinach, or kale on top.

How do you store lettuce in Mason jars?

Mason jars are a perfect way to store lettuce. Sealed tightly, it can retain freshness and offer a delicious crisp crunch when eaten. Chop into bite size pieces for easy packing and access.

Are mason jars microwave safe?

Check the mason jar bottom to see guidelines. The glass will be extremely hot to the touch after being microwaved. Never place rings or lids in the microwave.

How to Layer a Mason Jar salad

To layer any mason jar salad, start with the dressing on the bottom. Followed by hearty vegetables and then any proteins. The top should always be the greens. This avoids a soggy salad and when poured out, offers a well presented salad.

How do Mason Jar Salads save you money?

Your wallet will love that the Meal prep of mason jar salads save you money. The salads are put together in one setting and placed in your refrigerator for your meals. Avoiding the high costs of eating out or running to the convenience store for lunch. Buying in bulk saves you cash too. This means you can have a healthy, heart friendly meal and still not worry about the pocketbook.

In Closing

In today’s world we have so many obligations that it might be tough to visualize . Hopefully the pros and cons of mason jar salads has helped you. At first, when I was considering mason jar salads for my life, I thought it was absolutely impossible. Finding the jars, the prep and then what if I didn’t want a salad at work? What I found was the opposite! The convenience of knowing you have a prepared lunch is a huge value. It’s the right food for your body and it tastes good too. No more impulsive lunches has pulled off the pounds too!

If you’re still trying to figure out if this idea is right for you, buy three jars and pack three lunches for a trial run. You might be surprised the most difficult part of the process is getting started. From there, it’s all about finding the perfect recipes for your tastes. Check out our salads list as you explore the best ingredients for your taste buds!

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