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21 Weird Mason Jar Recipes You Must Try

Weird Mason Jar Recipes! This post could contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here

Why Weird Mason Jar Recipes?

This post is all about Weird Mason jar recipes.

The definition of weird is strange, odd or unique. If you looked it up in the dictionary, it’s probably going to tell you that even though it’s different, it’s not bad.

Well, that’s good because the 21 Mason jar recipes in this list are awesome, even if they are all little different. In fact, if you decide on trying one or two, be prepared for the kids wanting it again or the guests piling on compliments.

As with any Mason jar recipes, before feeding the masses, it’s good to see how it tastes in a small batch. That way you can recreate, adjust or just go for it without issue.

The recipes do suggest different size jars, so keep that in mind when you make the different items. The nice thing about Mason jar portions is that it’s controllable. You can make small portions for appetizers and bigger for full meals.

As always, the earth thanks you too! Mason jar recipes offer a way to reuse again and again. So long plastic. You’re not needed here!  

Here are the mason jar recipes we found:

21 Weird Mason Jar Recipes You Must Try

OMG! If you love trying things as much as I do, this weird mason jar recipes list is just for you! It's not about how much it's odd as it is about what we assume can be a mason jar recipe and what can't! I've found myself asking again and again, can that really be made in a Mason jar? Well, yes it can!

In Conclusion

These Unique Mason Jar Recipes are a few of dozens you need to try. While we might think of Mason jars for canning, it's the perfect portion control for any meal. As people have shown, it's possible to bring together food at breakfast, lunch and dinner in a jar. However, I admit my personal favorite is the desserts. I've had so many amazing after dinner sweet treats! These recipes are easy to prepare and weird or not, it's why people look for Mason Jar recipes!

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